Unlock Efficiency with the INDION Lamella Clarifier

In the dynamic landscape of water and wastewater treatment, the INDION Lamella Clarifier emerges as a game-changer, embodying efficiency and versatility. This advanced system stands as a robust solution for water and wastewater clarification, embodying efficiency and versatility. The system achieves solid-liquid separation by guiding the liquid through a series of inclined plates known as lamellas. Each plate’s settling surface equals its horizontal projection, with lamellas typically spaced at approximately 50 mm intervals. This strategic arrangement concentrates large settling surfaces within a relatively smaller footprint.

Stacking these inclined plates propels the Lamella Clarifier to boast up to ten times the clarification area of conventional circular settling tanks. Remarkably, this achievement occurs within only 1/10 of the floor area occupied by traditional clarifiers with equivalent liquid flow. The modular design, available in various sizes, caters to diverse flow rates and settling area requirements.

Salient Features:

  1. Flow Entry: The flow enters from both sides of the plate, optimizing the hydraulic flow regime and ensuring full plate utilization, maximum efficiency, and superior effluent quality.
  1. Weir Take-off: An effective weir launder, featuring orifices on either side of the plates, provides an optimal weir length.
  1. Removable Plates: Individual plates are easily removable even during operation, facilitating straightforward maintenance without shutdowns. The design allows flexibility in adapting to changes in influent characteristics.
  1. Hopper Arrangement: Options for sludge storage and disposal include a standard hopper bottom with a structural support frame or mounting the lamella clarifier on top of a thickener for higher solids concentration and sludge consistency.

Advantages of Lamella Clarifier

  1. The design ensures laminar flow, stable flow, and excellent effluent quality.
  2. Modular design occupies 1/10 of the space required by conventional clarifiers.
  3.  No moving parts, ensuring easy maintenance.
  4. The material of construction (MOC) can be mild steel or Reinforced Cement Concrete(RCC),) depending on the size.
  5. Plates can be lifted easily and cleaned without operation shutdowns.

The Lamella Clarifier finds its niche across diverse industries, serving as a linchpin of inefficient waste and industrial water treatment processes. From addressing ash and scrubber waste treatment challenges to contributing to brine clarification and coal separation, its utility is expansive. In industrial settings, it aids in filter maintenance, backwashing operations, and water recovery processes. Whether in food and dairy processing or dealing with iron removal and metal hydroxide separation, the Lamella Clarifier proves invaluable.

The Lamella Clarifier finds diverse applications across various industries, showcasing its versatility in inefficient waste and water treatment processes. In the realm of environmental management, it plays a crucial role in ash and scrubber waste treatment, ensuring the removal of impurities from these residues. Additionally, it proves instrumental in brine clarification, water clarification, and the separation of coal and other minerals. In industrial settings, the Lamella Clarifier contributes to filter maintenance, backwashing operations, and water recovery processes. Its utility extends to the realms of food and dairy processing, aiding in both production and waste treatment. In addressing specific challenges, such as iron removal, metal hydroxide separation, and mill scale separation, the clarifier proves invaluable. Municipal water and waste treatment benefit significantly from its application, as do processes involving phosphorous acid waste treatment and plating and finishing waste treatment. In essence, the Lamella Clarifier stands as a versatile and indispensable tool in the multifaceted landscape of waste and water management across diverse industries.

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As a water softener and filtration system manufacturer, INDION stands at the forefront of innovation. Our Lamella Clarifier is more than just a solution; it’s a commitment to providing cutting-edge, reliable, and environmentally conscious answers to the challenges faced by industries today. Its compact structure, efficiency, and flexibility make it an essential asset for industries and municipalities in search of dependable and economically viable solutions for their wastewater treatment requirements.

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