To empower the economically disadvantaged towards social equality and to refresh our environment 



To create awareness for the need to uplift the underprivileged sections of society
To encourage employee involvement by creating opportunities for meaningful contact with beneficiaries


To support project responding to ‘felt need’ and having long term impact relating to education, health and hygiene
To offer specialised expertise as facilitators


To provide assistance to first generation learners, drop-outs, talented needy children
To integrate through holistic support, the underprivileged and special population, into mainstream society

Our Focus







Making a Difference

Our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are a way of telling people that ‘We Care’ by bringing about a positive social impact and sustainable change in building resilient communities.

Ion Foundation, our CSR wing, was established with the vision to propel welfare-driven activities and to deliver a long term impact on Education, Health and Hygiene for the underprivileged and vulnerable sections of society.

Through our own employee efforts and by partnering with various NGO’s, we address the needs of and empower communities through sustainable initiatives in the areas of education, health, sanitation, environment conservation and community development.

In case of a disaster, we also contribute to disaster relief by mobilizing our containerized water treatment systems and services to provide safe drinking water and on-ground support.

Care For Communities

CSR initiatives during COVID 19

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