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Operations & Maintenance

We provide comprehensive customized solutions for total water and waste water management to our customers, following international standard quality norms. Our operations for running machines, equipment, instruments etc. follow standard operating procedures (SOPs).
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Plant Operations & Maintenance Includes:

  • Routine Monitoring of process parameters like pH, BOD, COD, colour, suspended, solids etc.
  • Our online Water Quality Monitoring technology providing accurate and continuous water/wastewater quality information system for monitoring parameters such as BOD, COD, TSS/turbidity, ammonia, chromium, dissolve oxygen, colour, fluoride, nitrate etc. All the major steps of traditional analyses are carried out by automated online analyzers.
  • Support for plant running, periodic and breakdown maintenance.
  • Routine safety training to operators, technicians, supervisors and engineers and safety audits for constantly improving the safety standard.
  • Complete Annual Maintenance and overhauling services for the plant.Our Annual Maintenance Services (AMC) ensures consistent plant performance by identifying and presenting problems before they occur.

Our services under AMC:

  • Testing of influent and treated water quality
  • Testing of resins
  • Inspection of mechanical components
  • Troubleshooting problems and tackling emergencies to eliminate downtime.
  • Auditing plant performance & offering suggestions on maintenance and component replacement to reduce downtime, enhance efficiency and reduce operation cost.

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