Remove Iron from Water

How to Remove Iron from Water: A Guide to Iron Reduction

Iron is a common mineral found naturally in water sources. While a small amount of iron in water is not harmful, high levels of iron can cause various issues. Iron can give water an unpleasant metallic taste, stain fixtures, and laundry, and even lead to health problems. Therefore, it is important to remove iron from water to ensure its quality and safety.

Iron removal is a crucial step in water treatment processes. It involves the elimination of iron particles or ions from water to improve its taste, odor, and appearance. In this blog, we will explore the different types of iron found in water, the impacts of iron on health and the home, and the various methods for iron removal. 

We’ll also delve into the diverse solutions Ion Exchange offers to deliver iron-free water for various applications. Their extensive product lineup and innovative treatments cater to both industrial and household needs. From large-scale operations to everyday home use, Ion Exchange ensures the removal of iron contaminants, providing clean and safe water for all. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, their advanced technologies make it possible to achieve optimal water purity, enhancing health and efficiency across different environments.

Methods for Iron Removal

There are various methods available for removing iron from water, ranging from traditional to modern techniques. The choice of method depends on factors such as the type and concentration of iron in the water, as well as the desired level of removal.

Some traditional methods for iron removal include the use of potassium permanganate, manganese greensand, and shock chlorination. Modern methods for iron removal include catalytic filtration, ion exchange, chemical oxidation, regular regeneration, and reverse osmosis. 

Role of Ion Exchange in Iron Removal and Iron Reduction

With over 60 years of experience, Ion Exchange has established a robust legacy of delivering comprehensive products and solutions specializing in water treatment solutions, including iron removal and reduction, across various sectors, including industries, institutions, municipalities, homes, and communities both urban and rural, on a global scale. 

Our expertise in water treatment encompasses a diverse array of customized solutions tailored to effectively remove iron from water, ensuring it meets stringent quality standards for a multitude of applications. Whether addressing the needs of large-scale industrial operations or providing safe and clean water to remote rural areas, Ion Exchange remains dedicated to enhancing water quality through innovative and reliable treatment technologies.

Discover Ion Exchange’s cutting-edge product line

Domestic Range

  • INDION Iron Removal Filter

They are lightweight, aesthetically designed, easy to install, and preassembled and tested before shipment. INDION IRF offers a range of innovative iron removal filters designed to ensure high-quality water for various applications. The INDION Iron Removal Filters (IRF) utilize special granular media to effectively reduce up to 10 ppm of inorganic iron to an average of 0.3 ppm without the use of chemicals. Applications include residential and commercial drinking water, food processing, beverage production, and cooling water pretreatment.

  • INDION Iron Removal System Hand Pump Attachment

The INDION Iron Removal Hand Pump Attachment features a cylindrical vessel with INDION ISR (Iron Specific Resin) that oxidizes and filters dissolved iron. It efficiently treats iron levels up to 10 ppm, reduces dissolved iron concentrations to below 0.3 ppm, and handles TDS up to 2500 ppm. This system is ideal for rural areas as it requires no electricity and only periodic backwashing.

  • INDION New Generation Iron Removal Filter

INDION New Generation Iron Removal Filters (NGIRF/NGIF) are made from fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) and PVC pipes, offering a range of flow rates from 1 m³/h to 30 m³/h for inlet iron content of less than 5 ppm and 10 ppm. These filters are preassembled, tested, and designed for easy installation, making them suitable for industrial water pretreatment and cooling water applications.

  • ZeroB Auto-Iron Remover

ZeroB AutoIron Remover is India’s first iron remover specifically designed for Indian households. This advanced filtration system effectively removes dissolved iron from raw water, ensuring you have clear, mud-free water. The ZeroB Auto Iron Filter is an automatic solution that delivers pristine water by eliminating iron particles, enhancing the quality and performance of your water supply.

  • ZeroB D Ferrous Iron Remover

The ZeroB D Ferrous Iron Remover is India’s first iron remover specifically designed for Indian households. This innovative Mini Iron Remover effectively eliminates iron precipitates from your water, providing a reliable shield against iron. In addition to iron removal, it also tackles foul odors, enhancing the overall water quality. A bonus feature is its ability to reduce the consumption of soap and shampoo, making it a practical and eco-friendly choice for your home. 

  • ZeroB Magna Plus RO+UV+UF

ZeroB Magna Plus RO+UV+UF is your ultimate solution for pure, safe drinking water. This advanced water purifier uses a unique Triple-X purification technology, combining reverse osmosis (RO), ultraviolet (UV), and ultrafiltration (UF) to ensure the highest level of water safety and purity. Adhering to IS 10500 and USEPA standards, the ZeroB Magna Plus guarantees that your family enjoys clean, healthy water every day.

  • ZeroB Power RO

It is India’s only RO water purifier capable of handling extremely high TDS levels up to 3000 ppm and hardness up to 1000 ppm. This advanced system ensures you get pure drinking water by effectively removing traces of odor, color, and contaminants. The super RO technology guarantees that even the toughest impurities are filtered out, providing your household with safe and clean water every day.

Industrial Range


The Ultra High Rate Solids Contact Clarifier (UHRSCC) is a compact, efficient, and cost-effective solution for surface water and wastewater clarification. This innovative design eliminates the limitations of each technology. The INDION UHRSCC offers significant advantages, including improved performance at high flow rates, rapid and complete chemical reactions, and effective removal of colloidal silica, iron, color, and heavy metals. 

  • INDION Lamella Clarifier

The INDION Lamella Clarifier stands as a breakthrough in efficiency and versatility in solid-liquid separation. With a modular design that occupies just 1/10 of the space required by traditional clarifiers, it is ideal for diverse applications such as food and dairy processing, iron removal, and metal hydroxide separation. 


In conclusion, understanding the presence of iron in water and its potential impacts on health and the home is crucial. It’s essential to identify the types of iron contamination and know how to remove iron from water. 

Companies like Ion Exchange play a significant role in iron removal and reduction processes ensuring clean and iron-free water.

If you need expert assistance with iron removal solutions, feel free to get in touch with Ion Exchange experts for reliable guidance.