From Waste to Resource: Benefits of MBR for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

The Membrane bioreactor (MBR) is a leading edge technology currently being used in countries around the world. Combining conventional activated sludge treatment with low pressure membrane filtration, the MBR has proven to be a techno-commercially viable and efficient method of producing reclaimed water from waste water.


INDION IPC MBR uses patented Integrated Permeate Channel flat sheet membranes which allows operating Wastewater treatment plant at an extraordinarily High Flux. IPC membrane is the first fully back-washable flat sheet membrane which is sustainable to high Backwash pressure up to 2 bar.


  • Operates at higher flux rates 15 – 40 LMH.
  • Due to High Flux operation, the system requires lower membrane area with substantial Energy reduction.
  • Compact Modular construction and design.
  • Robust PVDF membrane material.
  • Lower chemical consumption and high membrane life.


  • Municipal wastewater treatment.
  • Industrial wastewater treatment with stringent outlet quality.
  • Retrofitting of wastewater water treatment plant.


  • Compact and modular wastewater Treatment Plant with in-built biological system.
  • Ultra filtration systems provide consistent treated water quality through membranes which will be free from bacteria, which can be directly reused for gardening, car washing, cooling tower, building construction and all secondary purposes.
  • Plant operates at high flux compared to other MBR technologies resulting in a requirement of lower membrane surface area and plant footprint.
  • State-of-art low fouling and back washable membrane helps to reduce chemical consumption for membrane cleaning which ensures long membrane life.
  • Less sludge generation form system hence reduction in capacity of sludge handling cost.
  • No need for additional tertiary treatment plants like Sand filters, Activated Carbon filter or any filtration systems.
  • Substantial reduction in energy consumption due to lower membrane area and no need of filtration system.
  • Fully automated plant with very user friendly for operation and minimal maintenance.
  • Modular design of plant helps to enhance the capacity of plant as per requirements in short duration.
  • Simple civil construction.
  • Plant operation can be made functional in very short duration after construction by installing prefabricated membrane modules.
  • Lower capital and operation cost of the plant.

In conclusion, the Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology, particularly the INDION IPC MBR process, is a cutting-edge solution for wastewater treatment. With its high flux operation, compact design, and low chemical consumption, it offers a sustainable and cost-effective way to convert wastewater into reclaimed water. Whether for municipal or industrial use, the INDION IPC MBR process delivers consistent water quality, reduces sludge generation, and eliminates the need for additional tertiary treatment, ultimately lowering both capital and operational costs. It’s a transformative technology that not only addresses wastewater challenges but also promotes responsible water management and environmental sustainability

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