Clarification or settling is a process which takes place in an equipment called a clarifier. Ion Exchange offers a wide range of advanced clarifiers to address the clarification requirements of surface water and waste water. These include clariflocculator, high rate solids contact clarifier, ultra high rate solid contact clarifier, lamella clarifier, sludge blanket clarifier etc.

High Rate Solids Contact Clarifier

HRSCC is widely used both in India and abroad for treating raw water and wastewater, producing the highest quality of clarified water…

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Lamella Clarifier

INDION® Lamella clarifier provides an effective answer for the clarification of the water and waste water….

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At Ion Exchange, we have developed INDION Lampak which meets the community drinking water requirement…

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Ultra High Rate Solids Contact Clarifier

INDION® UHRSCC is a compact, efficient and low cost clarifier for clarification of surface water and waste water…

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