Water filtration is the last step in pretreatment of surface water. Filters are grouped into pressure filters and gravity filters based on whether water to be filtered flows under pressure through the filter or by gravity. Fine or coarse sand, anthracite, garnet and granular activated carbon are used as the filter media. Ion Exchange offers the widest range of filters that include Multimedia Pressure Sand Filter and Gravity filters, Auto Valveless Gravity Filters and Continuous Sand Filters, Activated Carbon Filters and Filter Pak for raw water and waste water filtration

New Generation Manual & Auto Carbon Filters

INDION New Generation Manual & Auto Carbon Filters (NGMA) are intended to remove Free Residual Chlorine (FRC) from feedwater…..

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Automatic Valveless Gravity Filters

The AVGF is a highly efficient automatic filter that operates without any single valve, backwash pump, flow controller or any other instruments…

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Continuous Sand Filters

lon Exchange offers a continuous upflow filter, which can filter influent containing up to ten times more dirt than a conventional filter…

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Multi Grade Filters

INDION Multigrade filter is an ideal choice for all applications where a conventional sand filter is used. It is extensively used in side stream filtration of cooling water and in potable water treatment…

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Pressure Sand Filters

A typical pressure sand filter consists of a pressure vessel – this could be either vertical or horizontal – fitted with a set of frontal pipe work and valves, graded sand supported by layers of graded under bed consisting of pebbles and silex, a top distributor to distribute the incoming water uniformly throughout the cross section of the filter, and an under drain system to collect filtered water. Pressure Sand Filter is also available in ASME and IEI Good Engineering practices. MOC is MS, MSRL and MSEP. Frontal pipe works are available in MS, MSRL. Fig 1 shows the arrangement of a vertical pressure sand filter…

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New Generation Manual & Auto Multi Grade Filter (NGMF)

INDION New Generation Multigrade filters (NGMF) series remove suspended solids from feed water. They also remove turbidity provided the feed water has already been coagulated and clarified. Filters are 3 designed to handle a maximum flow of 35 m3 /h….

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Activated Carbon Filters

INDION Activated Carbon Filters ore intended to remove free residual chlorine (FRC) present in feed water. Granular activated carbon is used as the filter media. A range of carbon filters ore available to treat feed water up to 170 m3 /h….

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