Rural & Community Water Treatment Systems

Ion Exchange  has developed cost-effective systems to treat contaminated water. These systems are adaptable to fit onto hand pumps, a major source for drinking water in rural areas. They are also available as point-of-use and community level systems…

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ION Lampak is a compact unit consisting of pump, static mixer, flocculator, lamella clarifier, gravity sand filter and chemical dosing systems. It produces disinfected drinking water with < 5 mg/I TSS from feed water containing 500 mg/I of TSS. Best suited for community use, it can also be used for variety of industrial applications….

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INDION New Generation
Iron Removal Filter (NGIRF)

It removes dissolved iron present in feed water. Iron is present in groundwater as ferrous bicarbonate. Such water is clear when drawn but turns turbid on contact with air. The filter is provided with iron removal media which removes iron by catalytic oxidation. For feedwater containing excessive iron (>10 ppm), pretreatment in an aeration tank fitted with spray nozzles is recommended….

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Our integrated services cover every aspect of your water treatment plant’s performance to give you a complete package of benefits

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