Sustainable Membrane Solutions for the Dye, Pigment and Colorants Industry

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Dyes, pigments and colorants are widely used in various industries i.e. textiles, pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, plastics, paints, inks, and paper and they produce huge amounts of undesirable colored industrial wastewater. Wastewater containing dyes and pigments not only makes them aesthetically unacceptable but also creates serious health risk factors for living organisms and the environment.

Ion Exchange offers a wide range of membrane solutions for dye desalting, concentration and purification of the finished products for the dye industry.

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Integration of dye desalting, concentration & purification process with downstream Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) systems helps in effluent treatment and more importantly recovering 95% to 98% dye.
Conventional desalting processes result in the final dye having high salt content, thereby

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INDION® Advanced membrane filtration overcomes all limitations of conventional desalting processes.

Benefits of Membrane systems-

Benefits of Membrane systems-

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