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In the textile industry, water is used for three applications – production, utility requirements and sanitary applications. In all these three areas, quality water is of utmost importance. While the textile industry requires large amount of water to manufacture its products, it also generates waste in large volumes, which needs treatment before it is discharged following disposal norms. Ion Exchange offers the textile industry complete water management solutions that don’t just effectively solve water and waste water problems, but also give a good payback on your investment.

Ion Exchange offers products like softeners to reduce hardness from ground, surface water and ETP treated water. We also offer a wide range of demineralization plants as the textile industry requires very high quality of water both for process as well as for boilers. Our speciality water treatment chemicals are very effective in not only improving hygiene but also performance and efficiency. We have also introduced a new range of textile process chemicals. Our membrane systems—both spiral and disc & tube ROs are used to enhance maximum recovery and resins manufactured by us are also used for colour removal amongst other uses.

Our complete Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) or near ZLD systems meet the textile industry’s effluent treatment requirements.

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Abbreviation Table

PT – Pre Treatment
RO/ DM/SF/DAlK – Reverse Osmosis/ Demineralisation /Softener/Dealkaliser
BWTC – Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals
SF/DAlk/NF – Softener/Dealkaliser/ Nanofiltration
CWTC – Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals
PWTP – Portable Water Treatment Plant
CTBDRP – Cooling Tower Blow Down Recovery Plant
POU – Point of Use Purifiers
WTEP – Waste to Energy Plant
SSF – Side Stream Filters
STP – sewage Treatment Plant
ETP – Effluent Treatment Plant
TVR – Thermal Vapor Recompression
MVR –Mechanical Vapor Recompression

Case Study

Textile Case Study

Textile Case Study

The Challenge The Solutions Result Welspun India Ltd, part of the $2.3-billion Welspun Group, is one of the world’s largest home textile manufacturers, with a distribution network in more than 50 countries. Welspun’s facility is located at Anjar, Gujarat which is a highly arid region where fresh water is scarce. Acute water scarcity in the…


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