Umm Lulu an offshore oil field developed by Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA – OPCO)

A joint venture of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), BP Total and Japan Oil Development Company, it is located in the Arabian Gulf 30 km north-west of Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The Umm Lulu field is being developed as part of ADNOC’S strategic initiative to reach 1.75 million barrels of offshore crude oil production a day. A consortium of NPCC and Technip was awarded a package of $1.69 bn EPC contract for Umm Lulu Phase II.

Subsequently, Ion Exchange was awarded the contract by NPCC and Technip for the critical seawater ltration package required to provide injection water for the Umm Lulu production reservoir to augment crude oil production.

 The produced water from the injection well is conveyed using a lift pump, ltered, de-aerated and transferred by booster and injection pumps to the remote injection well at the Well Head Tower (WHT) via Umm Lulu Riser Platform (ULRP).

The anticipated requirement for the water injection system is to provide 3 11,90,700 m /h of water per day with stringent water quality specications (98% particles less than 2 microns).

To achieve the desired water quality, Ion Exchange designed, engineered and constructed two trains of skid 3 mounted units each with a capacity of 5,95,350 m /h that could be transported on a barge consisting of continuous coarse lter, specially designed media lters and polishing ne ltration to meet the stringent quality requirements of injection water. The offshore sea water ltration package was successfully commissioned in December 2019.

Zero Liquid Discharge for Indian Synthetic Rubber Limited

The Indian Synthetic Rubber Limited (ISRL) is a synthetic rubber manufacturing plant in Panipat, Haryana (Joint venture of Indian Oil Corporation & Marubeni, Japan & TSRC Corporation). ISRL is one of the few producers of styrene-butadiene rubber in India.

The supreme challenge faced by ISRL was stark water scarcity as well as no consent to discharge the complex effluent produced.

 Ion Exchange has 3 set up and executed a 125 m /hr Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) unit for ISRL. The treatment integrates a radical oil removal system followed by biological treatment and a state-of-the-art membrane system which incorporates UF-RO and multi-effect evaporator to meet ZLD norms.

The operation and maintenance are also carried out by Ion Exchange. With these solutions, ISRL was able to recover 91% of water with TDS <150 ppm. This water is used in cooling-tower makeup and various process applications thereby empowering ISRL to reuse water while meeting the stringent Zero Liquid Discharge norms.

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