Advance Ultrafiltration Membranes for higher Whey Protein Concentration

One of the leading dairy product supplier in India launched a high concentration whey protein manufacturing line offering enhanced product quality for which they were in search of advance ultrafiltration membranes to optimise system performance and improve product quality.

We proposed to replace the existing membrane of competition with advance sanitary Ultrafitration membranes specially designed for minimising losses and achieving high concentration product. Based on subsequent discussions client placed membrane order for two consecutive stages of ultrafiltration system. These membranes proved to be highly effective in enhancing product quality & resulted in repeat business for subsequent stages of the Whey Protein Concentration System.

Advanced ultrafiltration sanitary membranes offered the following benefits to client over existing whey protein concentration membranes;

  • Reduced bypass flow maximizes cross-flow velocity at the membrane surface resulting in more product throughput and better overall product yields.
  • High cross flow across membrane lead to (20 to 40)% energy saving for the client.
  • Technical support for plant operation.


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