Effluent Recycle using Hydramem Membrane for a Leading Steel Manufacturer. The Customer is one of the leading integrated steel and power manufacturer in India.

The major challenges faced by the customer were:

  • Adherence to stringent effluent discharge norms set by the Pollution Control Board
  • Scarcity of water
  • High cost of fresh water

The Ion Exchange Effluent Recycle plant was set up at the customer’s largest integrated Steel and Power Plant manufacturing facility in Central India which has a production capacity of 2.5 million tons per annum.

Ion Exchange mitigated the challenge with the following solution:

The Effluent Recycle Stream with capacity 360 m3/h was recycled through our state-of-the-art HYDRAMEM membrane systems:


  • HYDRAMEM UF Membrane System and
  • HYDRAMEM RO Membrane System

The RO permeate was used as cooling tower makeup and for various other process applications.

  • Effluent Recycle has been successfully executed with the system running to the customer’s satisfaction & achieving desired results
  • Treated water TDS is significantly lower than inlet effluent
  • The treated water is currently being used as Cooling Tower make up and for various process applications.

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