Ion Exchange (India) Ltd. and The Energy and Resources Institute’s (TERI) officially entered into a INDION® TADOX® Technology and Trademark License (TTLA) Agreement in February 2024, aimed at commercializing TERI’s patented wastewater treatment technology for industrial applications.
Through this partnership, Ion Exchange aims at applying the potential of the INDION® TADOX® technology in further enhancing the life cycle cost of Ion Exchange’s affordable treatment, recycle and ZLD solutions for industrial effluents, making it a significant step in addressing complex wastewater challenges while expanding customer reach.

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The INDION® TADOX® process

The INDION® TADOX® technology is an innovation in treating complex industrial and municipal waste water with the flexibility of integrating INDION® TADOX® at the secondary treatment stage – prior to membrane processes or at the pre-biological stage 

This Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) using the principle of a unique and patented photo catalysis process leads to oxidative degradation and mineralization of targeted pollutants resulting in removal of color, dissolved organics, recalcitrant organics (RCOD) in wastewater streams. 

It also uses novel approaches which result in reduced use of chemicals in the overall treatment leading to reduction in quantum of sludge, preventing secondary pollution and reducing the load on downstream tertiary treatment. Being a retrofittable and integrated solution with reduced treatment times, INDION® TADOX® provides highly resource and energy-efficient treatment with 30-40% reductions in CAPEX and OPEX

Key Advantages

High Efficiency

  • End to end treatment in few hours
  • When applied at pre-biological stage, helps biological systems bear shock load, removes toxicity,
    colour & improves biodegradability
  • Improves Membrane life; reduces load on downstream tertiary treatment / MEE
  • Highly resource and energy efficient technology meeting sustainability criteria

Excellent treated Water Quality

  • Treated water quality for point of use/ reuse
  • Sustainable and affordable ZLD compliance with enhanced water reuse
  • Industrial wastewater treatment meeting CPCB and NGT Compliances for safe surface discharge/
    dilution / ZLD / Reuse
  • Sewage wastewater treatment meeting compliance for land irrigation/ Cooling tower make up/
    Green Building WWM plana

Clean & Green

  • Ensures 75% less use of chemicals
  • Very less amount of sludge formed (0.4-2.0 kg/m3) as compared to 20-35 kg/m3 in conventional
    physicochemical processes
  • Simultaneous bacterial inactivation / disinfection and anti bio-fouling
  • Same technology for treatment of industrial & municipal wastewater, sewage and open drains

Modular & Integrated

  • Modular, integrated and retrofittable in existing and new STPs / IETPs/ CETPs
  • Up to 30-35% lower CAPEX & 20-25% lower OPEX in achieving ZLD
  • Stream specific and Decentralized Treatment options
  • May help in augmenting capacities within existing infrastructure


For treating complex industrial waste water, Municipal waste water, achieve affordable Zero Liquid Discharge at lowest lifecycle costs (CAPEX and OPEX) 


Industrial Waste Water treatment – Trial Results

Municipal Wastewater, Sewage & Open Drain treatment– Trial Results

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