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The automotive industry is highly water intensive. Water is considered as the critical component for various manufacturing processes like car painting and coating, hosing, rinsing and washing. Therefore, smart & sustainable water management is of utmost importance for the automotive industry.

At Ion Exchange, we take care of total water needs for the entire automotive manufacturing complex, on a turnkey basis. Our solutions for process water and effluent treatment/recycle ensure requisite quality of water. Our vehicle wash effluent treatment removes free-floating and emulsified oil, grease and suspended particles – organic and inorganic as well as colour and odor, making the recycled water fit for reuse. This reduces requirement of fresh water providing security against water shortages and minimises waste ensuring compliance with discharge norms.

Products and Solutions

drinking water treatment solutions in India

Abbreviation Table

PT – Pre Treatment
RO/DM/SF/DALK – Reverse Osmosis/ Demineralisation /Softener/Dealkaliser
UF/MF – Ultra Filtration/ Micro Filtration
PWTP – Potable Water Treatment Plant
SF/DAIK/ NF – Softener/Dealkalisation/ Nanofiltration
CWTC – Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals
SSF – Side Stream Filter
STP – Sewage Treatment Plant
CTBDRP – Cooling Tower Blow Down Recovery Plant
POU – Point Of Use Purifiers
TVR – Thermal Vapor Recompression
MVR – Mechanical Vapor Recompression

Case Study

Automotive Case Study

Automotive Case Study

Introduction The Challenge The Solutions Benefits Result The customer is one of the leading manufacturers of world-class quality motor vehicles. It expanded its manufacturing set up with its “Greenfield” car manufacturing facility at Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. A state which is moving slowly from irrigation to an industrial economy and has various challenges related to water…


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