INDION 225H & INDION 860 S for Starch Industry Case Study

Ion Exchange (I) Ltd., conducted a study at a liquid glucose manufacturing unit which is a most trusted brand for over 60 years. The company manufactures products like high maltose syrup, sorbitol, extrose monohydrate, dextrose syrup.
Reduction of high ash content, colour and conductivity in Liquid Glucose. Due to high ash and colour content the product could not meet the requirements of the end users.
To reduce ash content, colour and conductivity liquid glucose was passed though columns of INDION 225H & INDION 860 S.
After passing liquid glucose through ion exchange columns containing INDION 225 H and INDION 860 S, the treated liquid glucose exactly meet the customer’s requirement with respect to reduction in ash content

Details of existing Liquid Glucose deashing plant:
  • (a)SAC resins INDION 225 H Rinse with approx 20 BV of water and exhaust with 2 BV of 4% NaOH or 10% NaCl solution followed by rinse, regenerate with 2 BV of HCl or H2SO4 followed by rinse. Repeat the above steps one more time followed by regeneration and rinse
  • (b)WBA INDION 860 S resins Exhaust the resin with 2 BV of 4% HCl or H2SO4. Rinse. Regenerate with 2 BV of NaOH. Rinse. Repeat the above steps one more time.


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