Dye Industry Case Study: Hydramem NF Membrane For Increased Dye Concentration

A leading global chemical company from Gujarat, India with innovative solution in Dyes, specialty chemicals, performance products for diverse industrial segments. The company was facing operational issues with existing membranes in dye manufacturing due to low salt rejection & high amount of suspended solids in the feed solution. Presence of high suspended solids resulted in frequent membrane cleaning, high consumptions of cleaning chemical and product loss.

We proposed client to conduct trials with Hydramem NF membrane with Piperazine MOC manufactured at our state of art manufacturing facility in Goa. The trial results were very encouraging with significantly higher rejection of salt, minimum product loss during the desalination and concentration process.

By incorporating Hydramem NF membranes in their treatment process, client was able to achieve;
  • Superior quality of final product:
      o Dye loss < 0.1%
      o Desalting < 90% 

  • Increase in Dye concentration from 5% to 25%
  • Extended NF membrane life.
  • Less product loss.
  • Increase in production time.
  • Technical support for plant operation
  • Make in India – Ex Stock availability


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