Advance Ultrafiltration Membrane for E-Coat Application

One of the leading car manufacturer from Maharashtra, India was in search of advance ultrafiltration membrane to retrofit in its existing ED Paint Tank for E-Coat application. The existing membranes were not able to deliver desired paint recovery and paint quality.
We proposed to replace the existing membrane of competition (KOCH & SOLECTA) with advance ultrafiltration membranes with higher membrane area and tighter porosity than existing membranes Based on subsequent discussions client placed order for multiple number of advance ultrafiltration membrane.

Advance ultrafiltration membranes offered the following benefits to client over existing ultrafiltration membranes for E-coat Application;

  • Higher membrane surface
  • Higher permeate flow due to higher membrane area.
  • No proprietary chemicals are required for Cleaning in place (CIP)
  • Tighter porosity and higher rejection of paint solids.
  • Energy efficient and zero-bypass operation.
  • Rugged construction.
  • Easy Installation in UF System.
  • Technical support for plant operation.
  • No additional costs for separate housings thus savings on installation costs.


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