Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor

UASBR is the most widely used high rate anaerobic system for anaerobic sewage treatment.

Process Description

The influent is introduced at the bottom. It passes through blanket of the sludge before leaving the reactor. The sludge blanket mainly consists of inorganic particle with anaerobic bio-mass grown around it. Sludge blanket acts as a filter and helps in removing suspended solids. COD reduction takes by substrate reduction by bio-mass.

Primary sedimentation is not required prior to UASB as inorganic particles itself are used as media in blanket formation. The treated wastewater is collected at the top of reactor. Bio-gas produced during the degradation is collected at top.


  • No energy requirement for aeration or mixing
  • Very low sludge production
  • Energy production by means of biogas
  • Low cost of operation and maintenance


  • Biological treatment of wastewater with low to very high strength of wastewater
  • Sewage treatment for medium to large towns/ cities.
  • Treatment of distillery spent wash / pulp mill black liquor.
  • High organic wastes like slaughter houses, poultry, large dairies etc.

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