INDION External Circulation Sludge Bed Reactor (ECSB) process coupled with wide option of INDION Aerobic processes (ASP/MBBR/SBR/MBR) + INDION Membrane Processes (UF /RO) + INDION MEE provides cost effective, proven, turnkey solutions for treating, recycling & ZLD needs of the industry.

High Rate Tall Reactor

  • Loading rate 15-35 kg COD/
  • Maximum COD / BOD reduction

Salient Features

  • Unique Two phased separator design
    • 100% surface area coverage
    • Maximum Biomass retention
  • Completely sealed reactor
    • No odour
  • Patented inlet distribution
    • Completely non clogging
    • External cleaning possible
  • Simplest gas handling
    • No gas holder!
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