Customized Solutions for Sugar Industry

Sugar mills require huge volume of water for their production processes and also generate large quantity of biomass waste. At Ion Exchange, we understand the need for efficient treatment solutions specific to the industry to achieve significant competitive advantages at a lower cost.

Our wide range of products, processes and solutions as well as proven technologies are designed to provide total water & environment solutions for the diverse applications of sugar industry in the process of solid and liquid sugar manufacture. These, together with our innovative sugar remelt decolourising process and total water management provide complete solutions to sugar mills and refineries enabling them to achieve significant competitive advantages.

Products and Solutions

Abbreviation Table

PT – Pre Treatment
RO/DM/SF/DAIK – Reverse Osmosis/
Demineralisation /Softener/Dealkaliser
BWTC – Boiling Water Treatment Chemicals
PWTP – Potable Water Treatment Plant
FC – Fireside Chemicals
ETP – Effluent Treatment Plant
STP – Sewage Treatment Plant
WTEP – Waste to Energy Plant
POU – Point Of Use Purifiers
TVR – Thermal Vapor Recompression
MVR –Mechanical Vapor Recompression

IEI News

Ion Exchange offers sugar mills a wide range of products, processes and services, specially developed for diverse applications in sugar manufacture. An exclusive Sugar Division caters to the industry’s need of water management, process engineering and speciality process chemicals; its synergistic approach provides total solutions to sugar mills and refineries enabling them to achieve significant competitive advantage.

from cane to sugar, sweet solutions for the sugar industry from ion exchange

Our integrated services cover every aspect of your water treatment plant’s performance to give you a complete package of benefits

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