Powerful Total Water Management Solutions for the Power Sector

Water and energy are two vital resources that are closely interlinked. Water is both a primary source of energy for hydropower production and a critical resource for power plants including coal, nuclear, solar and gas-fired facilities, for heat energy (steam production) and condenser cooling. Both energy and water are in short supply even as the demand for these resources is progressively increasing.

The power sector is also among the most water-intensive industries (requiring around 80,000 litres water per MW) and water availability is thus critical to power generation. Therefore, maintaining quality and quantity of water throughout the various usage cycles in power plant is utmost important. Ion Exchange with over six decades of specialized expertise in water and waste management offers end-to-end solutions for the power industry that ensures minimizing environmental impacts by conserving water and reducing pollution through recycle and zero discharge.

We have a robust track record of constructing water and waste water treatment facilities and managed water for some leading power plants globally. Sustained innovation, reliability and efficiency are the winning combination that has made Ion Exchange the powerhouse of total water management solutions for the power sector – whether coal-based, gas-based or nuclear power plants.

Abbreviation Table

PT – Pre Treatment
RO/DM/SF/DAIK- Reverse Osmosis/ Demineralisation /Softener/Dealkaliser
BWTC- Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals
CPU – Condensate Polishing Unit
CWTC – Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals
PWTP- Potable Water Treatment Plant
POU – Point of Use Purifiers
SSF – Side Stream Filters
STP – Sewage Treatment Plant
ETP- Effluent Treatment Plant
TVR – Thermal Vapor Recompression
MVR –Mechanical Vapor Recompression

IEI News

Ion Exchange has constructed water and waste water treatment facilities and managed water at almost all of India’s large power stations besides working with some of the world’s largest and leading power plant EPCs.

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Case Study

Power Case Study

Power Case Study

The Challenge The Solutions Jindal Steel & Power’s 6 MTPA integrated steel plant envisaged a coal gasification based reduction gas facility. During the coal gasification process, liquid effluents are generated; these effluents contain fluorides, cyanides, sulphides, thiocyanates, nitrogen, phenols and various heavy metals. Other parameters are biological oxygen demand (BOD) up to 4,000 mg/l, chemical…

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