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In a chemical plant, water is required at numerous points such as for heating or cooling, to produce steam, as a solvent and reaction medium, or simply for rinsing or cleaning. The water taken from the main source such as river, bore-well, etc is pre-treated to the desired process specification in a water treatment plant.

However, the pressure to conserve water as a resource is constantly increasing. Furthermore, companies are increasingly interested in keeping even small amounts of toxic or non-degradable substances out of the environment. This is leading to a rethink.

At Ion Exchange, our specialist expertise in water and environment management coupled with thorough knowledge of our customers’ processes enables us to provide integrated solutions that totally address the chemical industry’s requirements.

Our holistic solutions for effluent management and zero discharge are customized after analyzing the need. Some of our esteemed customers have gone for an optimum reuse of water which has helped them reduce their dependencies on local water sources.

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Abbreviation Table

PT – Pre Treatment
RO/DM/SF/DAIK- Reverse Osmosis/
Demineralisation /Softener/Dealkaliser
BWTC- Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals
FC – Fireside Chemicals
PWTP- Potable Water Treatment Plant
POU- Point of Use Purifiers
CWTC – Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals
SSF- Side Stream Filters
SF/DALK/NF – Softener/Dealkalisation/ Nanofiltration
CTBDRP – Cooling Tower Blow Down Recovery Plant
ORP-Oil Removal Plant
ETP- Effluent Treatment Plant
TVR – Thermal Vapor Recompression
MVR –Mechanical Vapor Recompression
MVR – Mechanical Vapor Recompression

Case Study

Chemical Case Study

Chemical Case Study

Introduction The Challenge The Solutions Result Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd. (DFPCL) is among India’s leading producers of fertilizers and industrial chemicals. Set up in 1979 as an Ammonia manufacturer, DFPCL today is a publicly listed, multi-product Indian conglomerate with an annual turnover of over one billion USD with a product portfolio spanning industrial…


Our integrated services cover every aspect of your water treatment plant’s performance to give you a complete package of benefits

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