• Whey Protein Concentration
  • Whey demineralization / concentration
  • Apple Juice Clarification
  • Concentration of thin cane sugar juice
  • Gelatine Concentration
  • Syrup Purification
  • Caustic Recovery from CIP Streams
  • Bottle-wash Effluent of Brewery
  • De-Alcoholization of Wine/Beer
  • Clarification of Wine, Beverages, Mineral Water
  • Clarification of Glucose Syrup
  • Filtration of Glucose Hydrolysate
  • Oily Waste Water Treatment
  • Ethylene Glycol Reclamation
  • Automobile Antifreeze
  • Salt separation from Textile Dye
  • Desalination and removal of hardness from underground water
  • Dyes, Pigment and Colorants Industry
  • Brine Recovery from Regeneration Waste from Colour Removal Unit
  • Brine Recovery in Sugar Decolourisation
  • Sugar Mill Condensate Treatment
  • Brine Recovery from Regeneration Waste
  • Colour Removal Unit
  • Fractionation / Concentration of Active Pharma Ingredients
  • Fermentation broth clarification
  • Size Coating Recovery For Paper
  • Intaglio Ink Recovery
  • Produced Water Treatment
  • Cobalt / Manganese – Catalyst Recovery
  • Colloidal Silica Concentration
  • Evaporator condensate polishing
  • Paint recovery from Paint bath (E-Coat)
  • Degreasing bath recycle
  • Dye desalting and Concentration
  • Optical brightner clarification
  • Production of Inorganic/organic acid and alkali from corresponding inorganic/ organic salt
  • Whole and Skim Milk Concentration
  • Whole Milk concentration
  • Concentration and desalting of Betalain from Beet root juice
  • Papain Enzyme Concentration & Clarification
  • Fruit juice clarification
  • Debittering of juice
  • Concentration of Herbal Enzyme
  • API purification and concentration
  • Purification of Phase transfer Catalyst
  • Caustic clarification from a stream contaminated with Hemi cellulose
  • PVA recovery
  • Indigo Dye recovery recovery
  • Desalination/ concentration of waste solution from manufacturing process of semiconductors



Unsere integrierten Dienstleistungen decken jeden Aspekt der Leistung Ihrer Wasseraufbereitungsanlage ab und bieten Ihnen ein umfassendes Leistungspaket


    Entwicklung von:
  • Harze
  • Membranen
  • Spezialchemikalien
  • Spezielle Prozesschemikalien
  • Enzyme
  • Rohstoffe und Zwischenprodukte
  • Grüne Chemie

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