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Activated Carbon
Wide range of premium grade, low leachability products for effective reduction of oil, organics and chlorine, decolourising and deodourising
Antiscalants & Cleaning Chemicals
To eliminate scaling and fouling of reverse osmosis membranes
Applied Ion Exchange
Purification of sugar syrups, glucose, dextrose, sorbitol, formaldehyde solution, recovery of Vitamin C and tartaric acid, recovery of precious  metals
Arsenic Removal Systems
For potable water
Boiler Water Chemicals
Corrosion Inhibitors, Sludge Conditioners
Cooling Water Chemicals
Biocides, Antiscalants, Descalants, Corrosion Inhibitors
Condensate Polishers
Deep Bed
Chemical Dosers
Metering Pumps, Differential Pressure Operated Systems
Inclined Plate, High/Ultra High Rate Solids Contact
Desalination Systems
For Brackish, Sea Water and Waste Water
Downflow, Upflow, Counterflow, Splitflow, Layered Bed and Mixed Bed
Weak Acid Cation and Split Stream
Atmospheric, Vacuum
Spray, Spray-cum-Tray, Vacuum
For cooling water and boilers
Dip Slides
For bacterial count in cooling water, food, beverages and pharmaceuticals
Electrodeionisation Systems
For high purity water
Pressure Sand, Multigrade, Multimedia, Upflow, Activated Carbon and Continuous Sand
Fireside Chemicals & Fuel Oil Additives
For improving the combustion efficiency of boilers
Fluoride Removal Systems
For potable water
Iron Removal Systems
For industrial and potable water
Ion Exchange Resins
A wide range of cationic and anionic gel, isoporous, macroporous exchangers, catalyst and pharmaceutical grade, adsorbent, chelating resins
Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis , for fluid purification and recovery separation
Membrane Separation Systems
Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis, Membrane Based Reactor
Nitrate Removal Systems
For potable water
Oxidising Agents
Electrochlorinators for on-site generation of chlorine from brine and ozonators for treatment of drinking water, swimming pools, cooling water and waste water
Oil Removal Systems
Ultrafiltration, Coalescers, Drum Skimmers, Polymers, Activated Carbon
Paper Process Chemicals
Dry Strength Additives, Retention & Drainage Aids, Defoamers, De-inking Chemicals, Dispersants, Slimicides
Flocculants for water and waste water treatment, mineral processing, paper, sugar and other industries
Cold Lime and Ion Exchange
Sewage Treatment Systems
Using physico-chemical, biological and membrane separation processes
Solvent Recovery Systems
Based on Activated Carbon
Sugar Process Chemicals
Sanitation Chemicals, Pol Reducers, Flocculants, Polymeric Scale Inhibitors, Viscosity Reducers, Ion Exchangers and Adsorbents / Activated Carbon, Boiler Treatment Chemicals, Bagasse/Fuel Additives
For cooling water and evaporators
Test Kits
For analysis of water and waste water
Water Quality Monitoring Instruments
pH/ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Ammonia
Waste Water Treatment & Water Recycle Systems
Using physico-chemical, biological and membrane separation processes.
Total Service Support
Total Water Management Consultancy
Project Management
R&D, Feasibility &Pilot Plant Studies
Erection & Commissioning
Operator Training
Upgradation & Automation
BOO/T Projects
Service Contracts
Supply of Fabricated Components, Spares & Consumables
Ion Exchange LLC
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