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Ion Exchange LLC offers a complete range of speciality, customized boiler water treatment chemicals and programs to complement engineered water treatment and provide optimum plant performance. Our highly trained engineers conduct
in-depth surveys of your plant and system requirements, closely monitor the treatment programs and regularly evaluate results to make required adjustments for optimum benefit.

We offer a wide range of boiler water chemical solutions for low, medium and high pressure boilers to prevent deposits and corrosion in pre-boiler, boiler and
post-boiler systems.

Our unique DEHA based volatile oxygen scavengers offer superior protection against corrosion even in condensate lines.

• Phosphate treatment program
• Carbonate treatment program
• Chelant program
• Closed system treatment
• Electric boiler treatment
• Sludge conditioners
• Anti-foamers
• Oxygen scavengers

Complete condensate line treatment programmes solve specific corrosion problems:

• Filming amines
• Neutralizing amines
• Combination of filming and neutralizing amine

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